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updated March 23, 2020

Call to Action from the NC State AFL-CIO:

Contact your legislators to demand that the NC General Assembly leave no worker behind during the COVID-19 crisis

The NC State AFL-CIO is calling on us to contact our legislators to demand that the NC General Assembly leave no worker behind during the COVID-19 crisis:


“Lawmakers should immediately pass legislation to ensure that our state’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) system will help workers and their families weather this crisis. We are asking legislators to take these immediate steps to assist workers and improve the system:


  1. return to 26 maximum weeks of benefits

  2. change the formula used to calculate benefits

  3. increase the maximum weekly benefit amount and index it to wages

  4. restore eligibility for unemployment caused by health reasons and family hardship


...Putting money in workers’ pockets allows people to take care of themselves and their families, boosts consumer demand, and will help our economy weather and recover from this crisis.”


See detailed information about each of these demands on the NC AFL-CIO page.


Please contact your NC House Representative and NC Senator.


  1. Email or call them directly. Find out who represents you and how to contact them here.

  2. OR submit an email via the AFL-CIO portal.

Call to Action from the NC Justice Center

Contact Governor Cooper to request an executive order about evictions

The NC Justice Center is calling on us to ask Governor Cooper to stop evictions in North Carolina during COVID-19 crisis


“Sheriffs across North Carolina are continuing to evict families, despite three different orders from Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Beasley that eviction cases should be delayed for 30 days. Many sheriffs do not feel the order gives them the authority to stop enforcing “orders for possession” some of which were entered in cases before the Chief Justice’s orders.


Governor Cooper needs to act to stop evictions from being carried out and can do so with the broad powers he has to protect the health and safety of the public.”


You can read more about this issue here.


Please contact Governor Cooper to ask him to issue an executive order to halt evictions across the state and protect families during the COVID-19 pandemic:

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