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  • The short session in the NCGA begins April 24. Republican Speaker of the House Tim Moore indicated that a priority for the NC House would be passing a bill defining antisemitism as a hate crime, suggested that raises for state employees and teachers might be considered when the budget is drafted, and mentioned illegal immigration as a target issue. He also said the NC House would not take up any bills further restricting abortion during this session.

Voting Rights 

Economic Policy

Voting Rights 

A panel of three Superior Court Judges heard arguments Wednesday about the constitutionality of a new law that transfers election board appointment power from the governor to the state legislature. The law would change the format of the state elections board from five seats appointed by the governor, three of which are allotted to members of the governor’s party, to eight seats with four each appointed by opposing party leaders in the NCGA. The same three-judge panel previously issued a preliminary injunction preventing the law from going into effect, and this week they considered Cooper’s attorney’s arguments in favor of a summary (without trial) judgment alongside arguments from attorneys for Republican legislative leadership that the law is constitutional. The presiding judge on the panel, Superior Court Judge Edwin Wilson, said that the court would likely issue a decision by the end of next week.

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