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Neighbors on Call, 


Each of us on the NoC leadership team is thinking very deeply about our role, personally and in the fight for justice, at this moment and beyond. We know you are, too. As a predominantly white group of activists, it is critical that we all show up, listen, and commit to big change to fight our country’s systemic racism.


Many of us are struggling with where to start difficult conversations, how to be an ally to Black Americans right now, and what - specifically - to work for in the long term. But not talking about race and racism is much more dangerous than engaging in discussion, no matter how awkwardly or uncomfortably.


We must also carry our anger forward now to make our communities and our state better for Black Americans. There is much to do on all fronts. For NoC, that means continuing to work hard every day to flip the North Carolina legislature, which for the past decade has made our state a petri dish for far-right policy and “waged the stoutest war against people of color and low-income citizens seen in the United States in a half century” (Gene Nichols, Indecent Assembly). 

2020 is our chance to start setting things right - and get fair maps for the state House, state Senate, and Congress for the next decade.  


- The NoC Leadership Team