Better know the NCGA

The NC General Assembly is our house! Learn your way around.


NC Legislative Building: 16 W. Jones St., Raleigh

House and Senate chambers and some offices. Enter the galleries via the top floor.

Legislative Office Building (LOB): 300 N. Salisbury Street

One block from Legislative Building, and connected by a courtyard. Offices and hearing rooms.

Contact your legislators: State Representatives here, State Senators here.

Click here to find out who represents you.

For information about accessibility, see here.


There are a bunch of parking options


Our fave is 333 N. Salisbury. Cost is $2/hr (and free if you leave after 6:30pm).


There are restrooms on all floors of the Legislative Building and

Legislative Office Building (LOB). 


• You will go through a metal detector to enter the Legislative Building. Allow extra time. 

• Signs on "hand sticks" are prohibited.

• No smoking is permitted in the Legislative Complex.

• Photography is allowed.

• Visitors are seated in the chamber galleries on a first-come basis.

• Applause and demonstrations are prohibited in the galleries.

• Food and beverages are prohibited in the galleries.


You can listen to audio of the proceedings on here.


Legislative Building (in the basement): Cafeteria 11am - 2pm M-F; Snack Bar 7am - 3pm M-F.

Legislative Office Building (1st floor): Snack Bar 7am - 3pm M-F.


You can also bring in outside food (you just can’t eat it in the galleries).

We recommend The Daily Planet (121 W Jones St) for coffee, sandwiches, etc.


Check out this Civics 101 guide from the League of Women Voters of North Carolina.

The NCGA website also has great information, but you may have to dig for it.