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Poll Greeting

Poll Greeting during Early Voting

Oct. 15-31


Many voters make their mind up as they go in to vote and may not know about the down-ballot candidates. Help elect the whole slate of Dems in Ricky Hurtado’s district by volunteering to be a poll greeter in Alamance County.

What do poll greeters do? 

  • Greet voters outside the polling place

  • Offer blue slate cards (the whole Dem ticket) and answer questions


This is a partisan volunteer role for a county’s Democratic party. It is different from poll observing, which is nonpartisan. 

What are the COVID safety precautions?

  • Masks, social distancing

  • Outdoor location 

Alamance County SIGN UP HERE

  • Voters can go to any Early Voting site in the county, but Mebane, Graham, and Elmira sites are most likely to have voters who live in Ricky’s district.

  • Two volunteers per time slot

  • If you want a Ricky shirt to wear while you’re poll greeting, email 

  • Instructions will be provided separately

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