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Neighbors on Call's Weekly Policy Update for 2/15/21


Education Policy

  • SB37, the bill that would require all North Carolina school districts to offer in-person learning options, is still being revised. After the bill passed the Senate on Tuesday and a revised version passed the House on Thursday, the Senate chose to delay a vote until Monday night so that a conference committee could negotiate changes over the weekend. Democrats have criticized the bill as unnecessary, given that most school districts already offer in-person options and the rest plan to do so soon. While Governor Cooper is encouraging school districts to reopen for in-person learning, he has not mandated it.

Economic and Housing Policy

Health Care Policy

  • On Tuesday HB61 passed its first reading and was referred to the Appropriations Committee. The bill, which has bipartisan sponsorship, would greatly increase state funding to local health departments to fight communicable diseases, from $867,000 a year to $36 million. Local funding currently accounts for $19.8 million of local health departments’ budgets for communicable disease work, and this would be supplemented, rather than replaced, by the proposed funding.

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