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Neighbors on Call's Weekly Policy Update for 4/26/21


Voting Rights

Economic and Housing Policy

  • On Thursday the NC House passed tax breaks that are now stalled in the NC Senate. HB 334 would allow businesses that received Payroll Protection Program loans to “deduct...expenses covered by those loans,” and this week a provision was added to the bill that would waive state taxes on the first $10,200 of unemployment income for people who received unemployment benefits. A Republican representative was removed from her finance committee leadership position earlier this week when she publicly opposed the bill and complained that several state lawmakers who owned businesses would benefit financially from the bill. Given that Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger indicated that the Senate would not act on the bill in “the next week or two,” it is unclear how the possible changes will work with the upcoming May 17 state income tax filing deadline.

Health Care Policy

Gun Violence Prevention

Women’s Rights and LGBTQ Rights

Criminal Justice

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