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Neighbors on Call's Weekly Policy Update for 5/17/21


Voting Rights

Education Policy

Health Care Policy

  • HB 572, a bill prohibiting the Governor from using an executive order to mandate vaccination and state agencies from penalizing anyone refusing a vaccination, passed the state House and heads to the Senate for further consideration.

  • Four bills approved by the NC House Health Committee received favorable votes in time to meet the crossover deadline for policy-related measures and will go to the Senate: HB 703 requires health insurers that cover mammograms to also cover the cost of follow-up diagnostic imaging when an abnormality is found during a routine screening mammogram. HB 648 modifies usual veterinary practice law to allow EMT personnel to aid K9s or search-and-rescue dogs that are injured while working. HB 683 would “require pharmacies to offer safe disposal of prescription drugs on site and to give patients written information on how to dispose of drugs safely without flushing them down the toilet.” HB 642 would ensure organ transplant agencies do not discriminate against persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities, including Down syndrome.

Environmental Policy

Women’s Rights and LGBTQ Rights

Gun Violence Prevention

Criminal Justice


  • Thursday was the deadline for policy-related (not spending) bills to pass at least one legislative chamber. Bills that didn’t meet the deadline will not “cross over” for consideration in the alternate chamber, and – unless rolled into other bills - will be unlikely to see further action until at least 2022. In addition to the measures summarized under specific policy areas above, here is a summary of some bills that easily made the crossover. Action on some more controversial measures are noted here.

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