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Neighbors on Call's Weekly Policy Update for 9/13/21


  • On Wednesday the NC Senate passed a bill limiting the governor’s emergency powers. HB 264 requires the governor to receive Council of State approval for any executive order issued in a state of emergency within a week of when the executive order is issued, and it limits the duration of orders approved by the Council of State to 45 days. The bill now goes back to the NC House for a final vote, after which it is expected to be vetoed by Governor Cooper, who has vetoed other Republican-driven bills designed to limit his emergency powers.

Education Policy

Health Care Policy

  • On Friday Governor Cooper signed into law HB 769, “Foster Parents’ Bill of Rights.” The law articulates a series of rights accorded to foster parents. It is not meant to supersede any existing rules or laws, but rather to clearly lay out the rights of North Carolina foster parents in one place. Foster parents and advocates celebrated the passage of the law.

Gun Violence Prevention

Women’s Rights and Criminal Justice

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