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URGENT: Count every vote!

The NC election is NOT over!
Fight for NC (the NC Coordinated Campaign and NCDP) needs our help getting outstanding ballots counted through Nov 12.

Door-to-door CANVASSING

“Provisional ballot” canvassing requires

a one-time training offered at 7pm nightly. 

Email if you'd like the recording of the training so you can start today.

You will receive a confirmation email with details.

Watch the recording of our 11/4/20 event about this here

  • Understandably, some information has changed since then, including:

    • Training is no longer being offered for absentee ballot curing. Provisional ballots are what the Party needs help with.

    • The campaign has enough phone bankers. Thanks to those of you helping with that!

Why is this critical?

  • Many races are too close to call.

  • One very important statewide race we can certainly impact is Chief Justice Cheri Beasley's, who is currently down by about 2600 votes!

  • A few NC House races are also within reach.

  • Time is of the essence.

What is the difference between curing absentee ballots and resolving provisional ballots?

  • Curing resolves some issues with mail-in ballots that can be fixed by the voter signing an affidavit. 

  • “Provisional ballots” are votes cast in-person on Election Day that require follow up action by the voter. 


FAQ about canvassing: 

What do I need for canvassing?

• MiniVAN app on your phone

• Access to a car

• One-time online training - sign up now so you’re ready for action


What can I expect?

• Try to be flexible. The Fight for NC folks know what they’re doing.

• Pick up literature before your shift (various locations).

• Submit a COVID-related questionnaire before your shift.

• Zoom in right before your shift and receive your MiniVAN list.

• Hit the road (with a mask!).

• Be ready to go where you’re needed (even if you signed up for a specific area).

• If you don’t have flexibility to travel, tell the organizer who contacts you.

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