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Neighbors on Call’s NC Policy Update for 05/06/24


  • On Thursday the NC Senate passed SB 508, the technical corrections bill to last session’s budget. NC Sen. Graig Meyer (D-Orange) proposed using the bill to undo a provision from last year’s budget that exempts state lawmakers from public records law, allowing them to delete any records or possibly sell them to third parties. The proposal didn’t make it into the final corrections bill, which included minor changes such as opening $50 million allocated in mental health care funding to health facilities beyond hospitals.

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  • On Thursday the NC House passed a bill that would require sheriffs to cooperate with ICE. HB 10, which passed along party lines, would require sheriffs to look up the immigration status of people charged with felonies or serious misdemeanors and to continue holding people who would otherwise be released in jail if requested to do so by ICE. Governor Cooper previously vetoed similar bills, but the Republican supermajority in the NCGA means that any veto will likely be overridden this time.

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