Upcoming Events

Get together, learn together, act together!

RSVP at least 30 minutes in advance (for virtual events).

(Why? Sometimes the Zoom link takes a while to arrive.)

Last minute and you can't get in? Email noc@neighborsoncall.org for help.

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Wed 7/20 @ 5:30-7pm @ Roots Bistro & Bar (4810 Hope Valley Rd #101)

Special guest: NC Rep. Terence Everitt

Hosted by NoC East



Sun 7/31 @ 5:30-7:30 pm @ Franklin Motors Beer Garden (601 W. Franklin St.)

Special guests: NC Reps. Terence Everitt, Allen Buansi, Mary Wills Bode (for NC Sen.)

Hosted by NoC Central



Sun 8/7 @ 4-6pm @ Nash Street Tavern (250 S. Nash St.)

Special guests: NC Rep. Ricky Hurtado, County Commissioner Renée Price (candidate NC House) 

Hosted by NoC North



Sun 8/7 @ 4-6pm @ Carolina Brewery (120 Lowes Dr.) 

Special guest: NC Sen. Natalie Murdock

Hosted by NoC South



Wed 8/17 @ 5:30-7pm @ LOCATION 

Special guest: NC Sen. Jay Chaudhuri and Mary Wills Bode (for NC Sen.)

Hosted by NoC East

Discover community, good cheer (we could use it), and special guests at our happy hours this summer. Big thanks to Carolina Forward for treating us all to drinks! 


We’re looking to grow our circle of committed activists who can help right this ship. Please bring your friends! We can’t wait to meet them.  

All events are outdoors. Come to as many as you’d like.