Upcoming Virtual Events

Get together (virtually!), learn together, act together!

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Neighbors on Call is celebrate to partner with Graig Meyer, the NC House Caucus, and our friends at County to County for a Volunteer Appreciation Rally to Flip NC Blue - and to laugh together as we head into the final sprint! 


It won’t be a party without you -  RSVP today! 

We don’t know what we’ll know by then, but we know there’s no one we’d rather be with than the NoC crew!



Zoom 8 - 8:30 PM:

Please pop into our Zoom party to celebrate each other, a long-awaited break from phone banking - and hopefully some hard-won victories! Register below (you’ll then get the password by email). 


Extra points for election garb (from any year!) and themed snacks (a “Batch” of cookies is too easy - keep thinking).

Then, we'll move into the Google Hangout! See link below.

Continue the party here...



Google Hangout 8:30 -11 PM:

Hop onto the Google Hangout so we can anxiously watch the returns and stay connected. Selfies and compulsive tweet-sharing enthusiastically welcomed! Let your election freak flag fly.

**RSVP to get the Zoom link**

What will have just happened, and how will we feel about it? We don’t know! 


But no matter what, we’ll definitely want these two things: your company, and a discussion with Rob Schofield, Director of NC Policy Watch. 


Please join us for an evening of...whatever awaits us.

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