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2023 How Michigan Did It event.png

How Michigan Did It, part 1

Democrats’ year-round grassroots program

Hosted by Neighbors on Call


Thursday, February 2 @ 7:30-8:30pm

Via Zoom

In 2022, Michigan Dems swept every statewide partisan election and took the majority in both state legislative chambers. Let’s find out how they did it!


Join Neighbors on Call for a conversation with Lavora Barnes, Michigan Democratic Party Chair, about the blueprint for year-round grassroots organizing in all 83 counties across the state.

Rep Diamond Staton-Williams.jpg

NC Rep. Diamond Staton-Williams (Cabarrus) will lead this important conversation. In 2022, she flipped her seat by just 629 votes with a strong grassroots campaign, holding off a Republican supermajority in the NC House by just one seat.

Sen Sydney Batch.jpg

NC Sen. Sydney Batch (Wake) will introduce our speakers. She is the Senior Deputy Leader of the Senate Democratic Caucus.

Register here.

Want to find out more about how Michigan did it? Join our friends at Carolina Forward:

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How Michigan Did It, part 2

The Battle Plan: How Michigan Democrats Won a Trifecta

Hosted by Carolina Forward


Wednesday, February 8 @ 8-9pm
Via Zoom

Building on the Michigan Democratic Party’s year-round organizing effort, Democratic caucus leaders in the State House and State Senate executed a focused, rigorous and ultimately effective campaign to win governing power. 

Join Carolina Forward for a discussion with the people who helped make it happen: Michigan Democratic House Caucus Director Mariah Hill, Senate Caucus Director Steve Lawson, and former State Senate Leader Jim Ananich.

Register with Neighbors on Call for the “GRASSROOTS” PROGRAM (part 1) here.


Register with Carolina Forward for the “BATTLE PLAN” PROGRAM (part 2) at

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