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2021-08-11 Everitt v2.png

The Race for 2022 is on! 

Two things are certain:


  1. Democratic incumbents need to hold their seats in the NC General Assembly in 2022. We can’t afford to lose ground!

  2. It’s critical that Dems make year-round connections with constituents, not just when it’s time to ask for votes. It’s the work we’ve been doing with incumbents and County-to-County since March, and what we heard over and over again in our “Grassroots” series. 

So, we’re developing something new:


  • an easy-to-use TOOLKIT to help incumbents build local volunteer teams and engage with constituents year-round. 


Here’s how you can help: participate in a trial run and provide feedback.  


On August 11 at 7:30pm, come to a virtual LAUNCH MEETING with Rep. Everitt to find out:


  • why this toolkit is different and has the potential to be highly impactful and


  • why working in Rep. Everitt’s district right now is a strategic use of our time.


August 15-29, volunteer for at least two PHONE BANKS to test this toolkit and help Rep. Everitt reach constituents. 


  • These will feel slightly different from the phone banks we’ve participated in previously – and they will be short, sweet, and fast-paced!

  • We’ll solicit your feedback on the training, the script, use of the autodialer, etc. and use your feedback to adjust and optimize the program.​


  • Sun 8/15 @ 2-4pm, Wed 8/18 @ 7-9pm, Sun 8/22 @ 2-4pm, Wed 8/25 @ 7-9pm, Sun 8/29 @ 2-4pm