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Our Story

  • Promote progressive state policy in North Carolina​
  • Elect Democrats to the NC General Assembly
  • ​Build an engaged, informed community of activists
Our Goals

Neighbors on Call is a strong community of progressives in North Carolina making strategic, effective activism our new normal. 

We were founded in 2016. We are organized into five chapters, including an Out-of-State chapter.

Our Group
We make activism fun and social so we can stick it out for the long haul. We canvass for candidates together and we carpool to the NC General Assembly. We get together in person to keep our community connected. After all, political action is a team sport!
Get Together.

About once a month, we host distinguished speakers to educate us on state policy, advocacy, and elections. (See our recorded Zoom events here.) 

And our Policy Team keeps us up to date about NC policies, legislation, and elected officials so we can act with confidence.  See our weekly updates here.

Learn Together.

Your volunteer time is valuable! We join actions that are effective, strategic, and targeted. We don’t organize these actions ourselves; we unite with candidates’ campaigns in key districts and with leading advocacy groups.

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Act together.
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