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Neighbors on Call's Weekly Policy Update for 6/28/21


Voting Rights

  • On Friday Governor Cooper allowed a bill to become law that would delay some municipal elections until 2022 due to a delay in the availability of census data for redistricting. Despite agreeing not to prevent SB 722 from becoming law, Governor Cooper chose not to sign it due to concerns over a lack of public input on permanent changes to Raleigh’s city elections. Affected municipal elections will generally take place next March along with state and national primary elections, instead of this November.

Education Policy

  • On Thursday the House Education Committee advanced a bipartisan bill that would tighten regulations on student loan companies. HB 707, the “Student Borrower’s Bill of Rights,” would mandate license and regulation of such companies, as well as fielding of borrower complaints, by the state Commissioner of Banks. The bill would also clarify responsibilities and prohibited activities of student loan companies.

Economic and Housing Policy

Environmental Policy

Health Care Policy

  • On Wednesday the NC Senate held a hearing to consider legalizing medical marijuana. SB 711, which has bipartisan sponsorship, would allow doctors to prescribe cannabis for multiple medical conditions and would align North Carolina with the majority of states in the country. Advocates for and against the bill, including veterans who have struggled with PTSD, doctors, and religious leaders, spoke at Wednesday’s hearing.

Women’s Rights

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