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Neighbors on Call’s NC Policy Update for 10/16/23


  • On Tuesday the Republican-controlled NCGA voted to override Governor Cooper’s vetoes of bills that would increase voting restrictions (SB 747), change appointment powers for state and local boards of elections (SB 749) and other state boards (SB 512), and weaken environmental protections (HB 600). SB 747 limits when mail-in ballots can be counted and gives partisan election observers greater leeway to move around polling places, SB 749 takes election board appointment power from the governor and gives it to state legislators, and HB 600 rolls back hog and poultry industry regulations, among other provisions. Lawsuits were immediately filed to challenge two of the new laws, SB 512 and SB 747 (see below).

  • On Tuesday Governor Cooper announced that he is suing Republican state legislators over a new law they passed, describing it as a “blatantly unconstitutional legislative power grab.” SB 512 takes away the governor’s appointment powers for many state boards, giving them instead to the state legislature.

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