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Neighbors on Call’s NC Policy Update for 3/28/22

Voting Rights

  • On Monday, March 21, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in one of North Carolina’s voter ID law cases, NAACP v. Berger, not about the merits of the law, but about who should argue the case. The office of North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein has represented the Board of Elections to defend the law’s constitutionality thus far, but Republican lawmakers who passed the law want to take over its defense. The Republican legislators claim that because Democrats like Stein are often against voter ID laws, the Attorney General’s office cannot defend the law as vigorously as they would. The NAACP, which brought the lawsuit originally, supported leaving Stein’s office in charge of the law’s defense. The U.S. Supreme Court may take some time to reach a decision on this side issue, leaving the underlying lawsuit on hold until then.

The Judiciary

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