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Neighbors on Call's Weekly Policy Update for 11/9/20


Following the election on Tuesday,

As of Monday morning: about 41,000 provisional ballots were cast, 95,000 absentee ballots were still outstanding, and 30,000 mail-in ballots have been accepted but not tallied.

Local boards will continue to review the eligibility of provisional ballots over the next several days, and voters who cast provisional ballots may provide additional information necessary for their vote to be counted until 5 PM Thursday, November 12.

For reference, in 2016 under half of all provisional ballots were counted.

Mail-in ballots that were postmarked by November 3 will also continue to be accepted until November 12, but only some of the outstanding ballots are expected to be returned, as some of those voters may have chosen to vote in person on Election Day instead or not vote at all.


Economic and Housing Policy

Criminal Justice

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