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Neighbors on Call's Weekly Policy Update for 10/11/21

Fair Representation

  • Lawmakers in the General Assembly began drawing new maps this week as part of the redistricting process. The first map drawn Wednesday, by Sen. Warren Daniel (R-Morganton), split each of the three most populous counties in the states into three districts, a plan that would create a heavy advantage for Republicans; other early maps also favored Republicans. Legislators will continue to draw potential maps for at least another week.

Voting Rights

  • Members of the NC House’s right-wing “freedom caucus” announced Thursday that they want to inspect Durham County’s voting machines, part of a months-long campaign to investigate North Carolina election equipment despite no evidence of irregularities. Durham County Board of Elections director Derek Bowens responded to the announcement by citing state regulations that prohibit anyone beyond Board of Elections staff from accessing voting machines, echoing State Board of Elections executive director Karen Brinson Bell’s response to earlier requests. The House members claimed to have picked a county at random, though Durham County voted overwhelmingly for Biden in the 2020 election.

Economic and Housing Policy

Environmental Policy

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